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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trayvon Martin


  The KILLING OF TRAYVON MARTIN has really touched my heart and soul. I'm a father of four beautiful children. My oldest son D'Ondae Duck is also 17 years old. I can't imagine him being taken away from me and his family. I don't get to see or spend much time with him. That hurts because I love and miss him dearly. To lose my first born son,or anyone of my children. My mind would snap, and my heart will crumble. If anything where to happen to them.

Let's start by saying this won't go away.They (police) can't sweep this under the rug.Police chief receives vote of no confidence over handling of Trayvon Martin case.  An arrest should be made, go on YouTube and hear the actual 911 call.

 We as parents should not allow this to go unnoticed. Trayvon will never have the chance to grow and experience a family. Never have the chance to hear his children say dad I love you.His mother,father or family didn't get the chance to say goodbye. That was taken away from this young man. 

Trayvon Martin

He was murdered by GEORGE ZIMMERMAN, who still walks around a free MURDER. Trayvon Martins life was stolen. His family left to deal with the fact, the police don't care enough to make an arrest.People in this world, take a stand for justice. Parents of all races this could be your child. If this was your child, how would you feel? Well Trayvons family, friends and everyday people like me. Won't allow this to go on, without letting others know the facts. 


  Go to the links in the bottom of the photo. Trayvons gone, don't let his MURDER GEORGE ZIMMERMAN walk free to kill the next innocent child. If we say or do nothing,it's like we pulled the trigger ourselves. Time to Wake up AMERICA,your sleeping to long.When has it been OK to kill our children, or any children.

Sign the petition to have Zimmerman arrested
Please click the link : WHERE IS JUSTICE?

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