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Friday, April 13, 2012

 Out of all the twitter followers that www.ondaemarketing.com has. Mr. Warren Buffett is the shock factor.
 My reaction, are you serious the real Mr.Warren Buffett. look at how this man is admired and respected. I'm thankful were noticed in a sea full of sharks. I even had one marketing firm email me to say. Stop giving away ebooks and other products for free.Stuff we sell to the consumer, you are giving away free.
 My reply was Its my info. I brought it and Ill do with it what I please. I own the resale rights.This company has been on the web for over ten years.Emailed them last month to say thanks. I'm ranking higher, better ratings and with more traffic then them. Been in business less then three years and in your radar. I refuse to lie or cheat the consumer out of their hard earned money. They didn't know i was one of the ones who brought their course. Well I didn't learn anything from it. learned everything from videos and web chats. Now I have twitter followers like Mr. Buffett to guide and mentor me.

Here's some great information on Internet marketing. I started out as an affiliate marketer. Nobody wanted to help or give me information on the subject. I had to crawl the web in search of the info myself. People like Mr. Brain Dump had no problem showing or telling about the business.The first year in business, didn't make one dime.Once I became successful, I started  www.ondaemarketing.com 
I promised myself, If I'm successful in this business. Ill share all the knowledge that I acquired. I'm always giving away free stuff on my site. I enjoy helping and meeting new and interesting people. maybe these videos can help the newbie marketer. God bless to your success...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Invest In US Property

Warren Buffett Would Invest In US Property - US REAL ESTATE TV

Mr. Warren Buffett is one of my twitter followers.
If people ask me whats a good investment. I'll tell them real estate. Some might say it's to unstable, I'll say their wrong. Here's the proof, if the worlds 3rd riches man says he would purchase. Buy it,whats stopping you from the opportunity in real estate. If we want to bounce back after this economical downfall. We should start with investing in America. The American people, products and business.