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Thursday, April 19, 2018


Noah Boudreaux, (Kevin Lukata) is an “Intermediate,” a corporate bagman who has moved millions of dollars for several notorious crime families, and other shadow entities that want to remain anonymous.

An expert courier, marksmen, linguist, martial artist, and mathematical genius, Noah has retired from the “business” a wealthy man. Now with a young wife Paz Boudreaux, (Jasmine Hester) and son, Noah is living the good life in the suburbs. Life is grand until Noah’s violent and troubled past comes knocking on his door with a shotgun blast. With a bounty on his head, for reasons unknown, Noah is being pursued by an unstoppable killing machine, known as The Samoan, (Sam Puefua) and his many accomplices. Forced to protect his family, Noah uses all of his past skills to protect his present, and future.

We are currently looking for investors to complete the film.
All serious inquires can contact us at xavierqkantz@gmail.com

Copyright @2018

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